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[sticky post] Admin note:

UPDATE: This comm is now on (permanent?) hiatus.

I hope the pictures posted here over the years brought a smile to the faces of those who followed along! ♥

It's a Major Award!

Last night, Tom Fontana received a Career Achievement Award from the Writers Guild of America at their annual awards show:

Accompanying him was Dean Winters...

... whose questionable choice in pants failed to disguise exactly where he was storing his phone and wallet. :D

Julianna Margulies presented the award to Tom (I guess they're friends? although I can't find a connection through their professional credits):

Tom's stepson and John Doman (the rapist colonel on Oz and one of the principal actors on Tom's "Borgia" series) were also there to celebrate with him:

Many more photos of Tom from last night can be viewed HERE at Getty Images.

No, Dean. Just... no.

Dean with his new pornstache, taken October 22 in NYC at the world premiere of the new film "Hunter Killer."

It's time to sign up for Oz Magi!

A friendly reminder that the sign-ups for oz_magi are now underway!

Yes, it’s time for the annual exchange of Oz fanfic & art! You have until October 30 to sign up and make your wishes!

Sign up HERE at LiveJournal!
Sign up HERE at Dreamwidth!

All the cool kids are doing it! Don’t be left out!

Today is Great Hair Day !!!!

... or so Twitter tells me. And I just can't allow this opportunity to go by without posting a few pictures of the Ozzie with the best hair (and, yes, THAT INCLUDES SEASON FIVE).

It's Behind-the-Scenes Day!

Here are a bunch of behind-the-scenes photos I found on Facebook that I've been meaning to post and keep forgetting! So I'm doing them all at once!

Here's Kristin with... someone!

Here are some cool musicians/dancers from Adebisi's dream/hallucination!

Here are... a bunch of people! (I really should have taken better notes when I saved these. *sigh*)

Here's Matt Dillon, who directed S3E2's "Napoleon's Bony Parts," with... more people!

Here's Mike Caprio (who played a background biker) with JK, Rita, and Dean!

And, finally, background dudes Sal Sirchia and Anthony Palladino! (HA, I actually made a note on this one)

ETA: Whoops, one more. Lauren Velez with David Simms!

Chris on the streets of NYC filming Season 2 of his totally bizarre show "Happy!," coming to the Syfy channel in the spring of 2019.

Also, here's a pic from last week of Chris reuniting with Tom and Dean, courtesy of Meloni's Instagram:


JK & Edie: Actors on Actors

I recently found this lengthy (25 min) video on YouTube of JK Simmons and Edie Falco interviewing each other. It was uploaded just a few months ago. I thought it was pretty cool--they both looked great and seemed really happy and at ease with other. Little Oz talk, unfortunately, but interesting nonetheless to hear them talking about their careers.

The 3 Muskeeters?

(What's up with the pink exit door?)

If memory serves, I snagged this from Gano Grills' Facebook. I should really name my files better.

jkl;fdsa;lkjasdf !!!!

In case you didn't hear my squee from Twitter on Monday night...

Robert Clohessy's son, Myles "Super-Hot" Clohessy (I'm pretty sure that's his legit nickname), posted this photo of a poster collage to his Instagram and Twitter acounts. It's made up of photos of Oz actors from when they were young, labelled with their Oz character names. You can see Myles' reflection on the image of him taking a picture of it... I guess maybe this is something his dad has hanging on a wall in his house? I don't know. Maybe there's a Oz museum somewhere? (O_O)

Anyway, it is SUPER OZSOME.

You can click on the image to enlarge it, but in case you can't read the captions, here is a list of the characters represented, going clockwise in a sprial beginning with 1 o'clock position:

Cyril O'Reily
Fiona (!!!)
Miguel Alvarez
Warden Leo Glynn
Sean Murphy
Shirley Bellinger
??? (I think it might be Eamonn Walker)
Sister Peter Marie
Ryan O'Reily
Chico Guerra
Tim McManus
Len LoPresti
Enrique Morales
Bob Rebadow
Agamemnon Busmalis
Vern Schillinger (!!!)
Chris Keller
Tobias Beecher
Father Mukada
Augustus Hill
The Wizard (Tom Fontana)

There is so much to take in here! I DIED at the pics of Meloni with Santa Claus and Lee flipping the bird:
5272CF55-9957-42D9-AC4D-B12A1584C45F.jpeg 1AACCFD9-031D-4DCD-B400-D5BB02D5A0CC.jpeg


And pride_of_erin made the brilliant observation that these are the opposite of what you'd expect for their characters... you'd think "Beecher" would have the Santa picture and "Keller" would be one giving the camera the finger. :D

Love the nerd contest between Terry and BD (although I think BD's ruffled shirt gives him the edge):


And OMG Robert Clohessy looks JUST LIKE Jerry Mathers from Leave It To Beaver:

Sing it, Omar!


Sidenote: I recently came across this vintage 2002 Entertainment Weekly article discussing the upcoming "Variety" episode of Oz and found it interesting. 

Diane confronts the Ghost of Scott Ross:

(aka Edie Falco with guest-star Stephen Gevedeon in a 2011 episode of Nurse Jackie)
(Everyone looking happy should be the first clue.)


Taken from Dean Winters' Instagram: Brad Winters (on the left) and Dean and Scott Winters (on the right) with their mother, wives, and children last Christmas-time.

Living in Trump’s America

Happy Fourth of July anyway, my fellow Americans! (such as it is)

Now that summer is (finally!) here, I can't keep the days straight. So, bonus Oz pics today!

Twitter's @marchriska discovered this old (March 2000) behind-the-scenes photo of Chris on the Facebook page of Timothy Dark, an Oz extra who played a Gen Pop homeboy in several episodes (he's on the right):

Cool, right? So, I did some stalking and found 6 more BTS photos on Dark's FB page! They all seemed to be taken around the time that Works of Mercy (S4E4) and Gray Matter (S4E5) were filmed.

Here is Timothy Dark with Eamonn:

And Harold:

And Rita Moreno and guest-star Gavin MacLeod (Cardinal Abgott):

And Lord Jamar:

And some guy who was identified as "DDP (The people's champ)":

And Edward Herrmann:

I love LOVE this pic of Edward Herrmann, because it reminds me of this great interview he did with the AV Club, where one of the things he talked about was his Oz experience:

"I have to say that I was scared shitless going in, because I saw these guys… It was the old Nabisco building down on 11th Avenue, where Oreos were invented, and it was all stark and horrible. And I saw these guys in gray over in one corner, and I thought, “Oh, my God, they got real convicts over there! What the hell are they doing on this show?” And then one of them came over and said, “Oh, I really loved you in so-and-so,” and I thought, “Oh, you asshole, Herrmann. These are actors, you jerk!” [Laughs.] But that’s how real this show was to me."

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