It's a Major Award!

Last night, Tom Fontana received a Career Achievement Award from the Writers Guild of America at their annual awards show:

Accompanying him was Dean Winters...

... whose questionable choice in pants failed to disguise exactly where he was storing his phone and wallet. :D

Julianna Margulies presented the award to Tom (I guess they're friends? although I can't find a connection through their professional credits):

Tom's stepson and John Doman (the rapist colonel on Oz and one of the principal actors on Tom's "Borgia" series) were also there to celebrate with him:

Many more photos of Tom from last night can be viewed HERE at Getty Images.

It's Behind-the-Scenes Day!

Here are a bunch of behind-the-scenes photos I found on Facebook that I've been meaning to post and keep forgetting! So I'm doing them all at once!

Here's Kristin with... someone!

Here are some cool musicians/dancers from Adebisi's dream/hallucination!

Here are... a bunch of people! (I really should have taken better notes when I saved these. *sigh*)

Here's Matt Dillon, who directed S3E2's "Napoleon's Bony Parts," with... more people!

Here's Mike Caprio (who played a background biker) with JK, Rita, and Dean!

And, finally, background dudes Sal Sirchia and Anthony Palladino! (HA, I actually made a note on this one)

ETA: Whoops, one more. Lauren Velez with David Simms!